• Microcontroller based design
  • Multi Stage Battery Charger
  • Automatic changeover on Power failure and resumption
  • Over voltage / overload / short circuit protected
  • Battery reverse polarity protection
  • Low Voltage charging from 120V AC Input
  • Advanced battery management
  • Rugged design and engineering for continuous use
  • Negligible battery-water loss
  • Suitable for Lead acid conventional, maintenance free, deep cycle, VRLA Batteries
  • Smart Overload Sense with Auto Reset
  • Battery Deep Discharge Protection with Reset Option
  • Ultra-Fast Short Circuit Protection
  • Multifunctional LED indicator and sound alarm
  • Intelligent thermal management
  • Extended power backup time
  • Easy maintenance
  • Generator compatible
  • Pure sine wave and Modified sine wave output
  • Easily Serviceable
  • Various Capacities to suit individual's requirements
Ryben Inverter Model

Technical specifications

Voltage on UPS Mode 180V - 260V AC
Voltage on Inv Mode 120V - 280V AC
Frequency 50Hz +/- 2 Hz
Voltage on Mains Same as Input for given range
Voltage on Backup 210V - 240V +/- 5%
Frequency 50Hz +/- 2 Hz
Mains to Backup change over Automatic
Backup to Mains changeover Automatic
Output Waveform on Mains Same as Input
Output Waveform on Backup Pure Sine wave or Modified Sine wave up to the Models.
Battery type Lead acid Flat plate, SMF or Tubular
Voltage 12V - 360V DC  Depends upon Models
Current (Ah) Depend upon Backup requirement
Charger Type CCCV - Constant voltage and constant current
Charging Time 10-12 Hours (Depends battery Capacity)
Battery High Charging Protected 
Battery deep discharge Protected  1.75V / cell
Visual Indications Mains ON, Charging ON, Inverter ON, Battery LOW, Over Load
Audible Alarms Mains Failure, Mains Resumption, Battery Low, Over Load
Protections Fuse, Input High and Low voltage, Battery High and Low voltage, Over Load and Short circuit
Operating temperature 0 deg. C to 55 deg. C
Humidity Up to 95% RH ( non condensing )
Cooling Natural / Forced air
Degree of protection IP20 ( as per IEC144 )

Due to Continuous Product improvements, specifications are subject to change without notice.


"RYBEN" brand name of KONGU ENGINEERS established in the year 2000. Professional manufacturer of state-of-the-art Products like Solar Inverters, Online UPS, Off-Line UPS, Sinewave Inverters, Battery Chargers, Isolation Transformers, SMPS and Servo Voltage stabilizers.

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