Battery Maintenance

Battery Maintenence Tips

  1. Check the water level every couple of months. It should be just touching the bottom of the refill hole. Refill the battery, when needed, with distilled water. Don't use tap water or drinking water. Don't overfill the cells. Just to the bottom of the refill hole is perfect.
  2. Keep the Battery Clean. Clean the battery case itself with baking soda dissolved in warm water. Dirt can conduct electricity and discharge electricity. To ensure good connectivity, clean the terminals periodically with a wire brush.
  3. Every time there is an over charge or under charge the life of the battery will be dramatically and irrevocably reduced.
  4. Keep batteries cool in hot climates. Heat dramatically reduces a battery's life.
  5. Don't leave a battery unused for long periods of time. Batteries definitely fall into lose life.


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